San Diego Divorce Center

An exciting new service is available to individuals seeking divorce or dissolution or those who are currently engaged in litigation involving a divorce. The San Diego Divorce Center is beginning a new era in providing quality legal services to clients in California and across the country with divorce and family law actions that must be filed in San Diego or the State of California.

The Law Offices of The Edmunds Law Firm are providing this new service, bringing over 40 years of experience, training and success to resolve family law problems and issues for our clients.
Edmunds Law Firm
The San Diego Divorce Center, a branch of The Edmunds Law Firm, not only handles a complete divorce from start to finish, but also provides consultations for individuals who have questions or need services on a limited basis. Now, clients seeking to retain experienced legal counsel can do so to resolve single or multiple issues. Clients no longer have to feel the financial burden of legal fees that grow dramatically and become unmanageable over the course of 12 to 24 months. The San Diego Divorce Center offers a variety of payment plans and affordable fee structures based on the ability of clients to pay for legal fees as well as the complexity of the case.

BBB Accreditation

The Edmunds Law Firm has over 40 years of experience in family law. Attorney Alan Edmunds and his staff share insights with clients based on 40 years of litigation and private mediation. Attorney Edmunds was a Judge Pro Tem in the San Diego family law courts and is uniquely qualified to handle a wide range of family law issues including custody, child support, spousal support, and division of community assets.

The San Diego Divorce Center is a unique resource that you should consider if you have questions about divorce, child custody, or are contemplating such action in the future. Education is a key ingredient in making sound decisions. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals welcome the opportunity to discuss individual client needs. This resource is simply a phone call away and you could be on the road to resolution of difficult problems. The burdens of divorce and custody are a huge distraction in a persons life. Allowing the professionals of The Edmunds Law Firm to lift these burdens and find solutions presents opportunities that can not be overlooked.

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