If you are going through a divorce, you may have heard the term “ex parte” and wondered what it meant. Literally, in Latin, it means “from (by or for) the party” There are clients, all the time who come into our firm, and have a date in court pending. By pending, I mean the next day. It may be a hearing, it may be mediation with court services. You know who you are. You panic at the last moment and get an attorney. Well All is NOT lost!!

In an incredible triumph, where the cards were stacked against us, we were victorious for our client. At the last minute we were retained and there was a mediation 2 days later and a hearing weeks after that. We filed Ex Parte to be heard by the judge. We called the clerk who was less than positive. She actually told us that the judge probably would not even see us. That didn’t deter the attorneys at the EDMUNDS LAW FIRM one iota. We were at the courtroom first thing and we received our continuance of both the hearing and the mediation appointment.

But what does Ex Parte have to do with it all?

Going into court Ex Parte is used when something needs to happen immediately. There is an emergency you are facing and you need to get in front of the judge quick. You go in Ex Parte.

How does going to court Ex Parte work?

You have to jump through a bunch of hoops that are made even more pressing because it has to be done in a certain amount of time. You must call the court by 10:00AM the day prior to when you wish to be heard. Then, you have to call the other party or other attorney and let them know when, where, and why you are going in Ex Parte. Then you have to fill out all the paperwork and have it at the courthouse by that day at noon.

If you have an emergency whether it is a court date you are unprepared for or your child comes back from visitation with tales of abuse, God forbid, you may need to go to court Ex Parte. Don’t do it alone. Let those that know all about Ex Parte go in for you Ex Parte. Call the Edmunds Law Firm today.