DEC 28, 2016

The Edmunds Law Firm, the leading divorce and custody law firm in San Diego, received a favorable ruling in court on multiple issues involving custody, support and support arrears. The Firm was represented by attorney Kim Soule. The case was contested and argued in the Chula Vista Family Law Division.

The Firm represented a father in a custody and visitation case. The father was seeking more time with his children, a modification of support and a request that support arrears should not be ordered. The judge ruled in our clients favor on all three issues.

The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping men and woman in Divorce cases including Custody Modification, Support Modification and Move Away cases for over 40 years. Attorney Alan Edmunds, a Former Judge Pro Tem, hires attorney’s who are great litigators and enjoy the “battle” of family  law matters. The Firm helps both Active Duty with Military Divorce and residents in southern Calif with all phases of family law matters.

Alan Edmunds also encourages Divorce Mediation for many different types of cases where the parties are agreeable. Divorce Mediation saves money and time.

If you have questions about divorce, custody or visitation. Please call The Edmunds Law Firm for a professional and confidential interview – 800 481 2526. The Firm has convenient locations throughout San Diego county. You may also visit us at