San Diego Divorce Attorney

San Diego Divorce Attorney

The divorce rate continued to drop in 2004, sustaining the downward trend beginning around 1980. However, the marriage rate has also been dropping while the number of unwed mothers and the percentage of children living with a single parent increased to reach record highs. Despite the decrease in divorce rates, figures continue to indicate there is little improvement in marital health.

Upon getting married a young couple is often very idealistic, believing it will last forever. Unfortunately, nearly half of all couples who marry in the United States will split despite their vows of ’til death do us part’. Couples promise to abide by their vows because they are in love: but when a relationship fails and divorce becomes a reality, separation can become like that of a business deal.

Divorce often involves two main factors: the accumulation of assets the couple has since acquired and the loss of the initial idealism. Divorcing couples must be able to distribute those assets, and a San Diego divorce attorney will be able to handle the split professionally while representing the best interests of the client. A reputable San Diego divorce attorney is able to separate the emotional aspects of the divorce in a tactful way, while understanding the importance of handling both the business and financial interests that will have a lasting effect on the client’s well being following the conclusion of the marriage.

When handled correctly, a divorce does not have to be an emotionally traumatizing event. An experienced San Diego divorce attorney is able to help the client set realistic goals, provide all the necessary information that accompanies the divorce process, and allow the client to maintain some control over the sometimes overwhelming dissolution. There are often prolonged emotional and economic ties following a divorce, especially when there are children and alimony patients involved.

A San Diego divorce attorney can evaluate both the short-term changes that are necessary in the divorce process and assess long-term goals that can involve (among other things) issues of custody. The San Diego divorce attorney will also help the client secure future payments with life insurance or assets that may be lost should the paying spouse pass away before the obligation is completed. Clients should get security for payments due to them, and a San Diego divorce attorney recognizes the importance of dealing with all applicable transitions while using California divorce law guidelines.

Under California family law, a divorce does not become final for six weeks following the filing. Presently, divorce has become more commonplace and the feelings about it have shifted from disgust to acceptable. Most experts agree that today divorce and multiple marriages are no longer considered taboo, but the process can still be difficult. A San Diego divorce attorney that has the necessary knowledge and expertise to represent the client properly will be able to help with all aspects of the divorce proceedings.