San Diego Divorce Counseling

San Diego Divorce Counseling

In July 2005, the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University published “The State of Our Unions 2005,” an annual snapshot at marriage and divorce rates in the United Sates. According to the report, Americans are waiting longer to marry. In 2002, the median age for first marriage reached its highest point in American history at 25 years for women and 27 years for men. The report also indicated Americans have become less likely to marry, with the rate of marriage declining more than 40 percent between 1970 and 2002.

Despite the delays and couples avoiding marriage completely, the lifetime probability of divorce still remains close to 50 percent. Even with divorce rates being down from its record high in the early 1980s, the consistent answer that younger generations are giving for the wariness of marriage is the frequency of divorce. The National Marriage Project says 60 percent of young adults in their late 20s agree that one of their biggest concerns about getting married is that it will end in divorce, and 52 percent of young adults say they see such few good and happy marriages around them that they question the decision to marry.

Still, data from the National Marriage Institute shows 78 percent of young adults agree that a couple should not get married unless they are prepared to stay together for life. 86 percent of young adults agrees one reason for divorce is the focus on expectation for happiness without the hard work a successful marriage can require sustaining. According to divorce counseling experts, young people tend to be more idealistic and do not fully understand the time and energy that must be invested both before and during a marriage to make it work. Young Americans are waiting longer to marry, and their cynical view of marriage might lead to smarter choices and a greater willingness to stay and make it work when it finally occurs, but divorce is still a big reality.

Divorce has become more commonplace, and the feeling about divorce has shifted to acceptable because it has become the norm. Even though kids and couples no longer have to feel ashamed about a divorce it can still be difficult to cope with. Families should know that San Diego divorce counseling is available and can significantly help individuals who are struggling through the transition. It can be helpful for both spouses and children involved to talk about the split with a qualified professional.

Various San Diego divorce counseling options are available, depending on what the spouse or child feels the most comfortable with and what topics they are struggling with. Some counseling services have religious affiliations and will offer advice, support and other resources based on their beliefs. Some other counseling centers can be focused on general divorce counseling, family counseling, just women or just men, financial aspects, or any other conflict resolution, emotional difficulty, etc.

Although some splitting couples have close family and friends to lean on for support, a divorce counseling professional that specializes in separation and divorce can offer advice and focus on any difficulties throughout the transition period or however long the feelings are present. In some cases, the individual, alongside the divorce counseling professional, may want to think about finding a self-help group in addition to counseling, or as a way to find continued support in the future.

There are many San Diego divorce counseling options available that can help alleviate the stresses and emotional hardships that can accompany a divorce. The main challenge will be identifying a divorce counseling professional or center that will fulfill your needs. A good starting point will be determining what you are looking for in a San Diego divorce counseling center.

For more information on San Diego divorce counseling options, a few local centers are listed below. Individuals are encouraged to try various counseling methods until they feel comfortable. There are many resources in the San Diego area that can be learned through word of mouth, religious and educational centers, local information centers and through your San Diego divorce attorney.