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September 29, 2017
San Diego Family Law Courts
Travel Costs & Visitation Issues

The Edmunds Law Firm received a favorable decision in a contested visitation case that was heard in San Diego Family Courts.

Attorney Alan Edmunds is a former Judge Pro Tem and has a law firm with over 40 years of family law experience. The San Diego BBB rates his firm with A+ rating. He trains the Firm’s lawyers to be great trial lawyers. In this case – Joseph Waters for the Firm – took the case to the Hearing and won a huge victory for the Husband/Father.

The case involved a Father who lived in New Jersey and a Mother who lived in San Diego. The mother was denying visits between father and the child in New Jersey and therefore was limiting contact.

Attorney Waters produced evidence and argued for increased time and visits in New Jersey. Holiday visits were also increased. Attorney Waters also requested and argued for travel costs for the children’s visitation with Dad in New Jersey and the court Ordered that Mother pay 60% of those costs.

January 17, 2017
Vista, Calif. Family Law Courts

The Edmunds Law Firm appeared at an emergency court hearing following trial when a late recommendation was filed with the court after Trial. The report was not offered at trial and contained adverse comments about our client , a mother, seeking custody of her child.

Attorney Scott Ninas appeared for the Firm and offered evidence and made argument. The judge agreed with Attorney Ninas and found the report to be improperly filed.

The Edmunds Law Firm is one of the Best Divorce Law Firms in San Diego according to numerous reports. Alan Edmunds is the “Divorce Attorney San Diego” according to Lawyers.com. Alan Edmunds is also a former Judge Pro Tem in the San Diego Superior Family Law Courts. He trains the Firm lawyers to be aggressive litigators.  The Firm has been helping clients throughout San Diego and Riverside counties for over 40 years.

The Firm has locations throughout San Diego and helps Active Duty Military with Military Divorce San Diego cases. Mr Edmunds is often quoted as saying, “experience makes the difference”. He has over 40 years of trial experience and has been featured on national T. V. ( CBS) and local T. V. and newspapers.

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DECEMBER 28, 2016

The Edmunds Law Firm, the leading divorce and custody law firm in San Diego, received a favorable ruling in court on multiple issues involving custody, support and support arrears. The Firm was represented by attorney Kim Soule. The case was contested and argued in the Chula Vista Family Law Division.

The Firm represented a father in a custody and visitation case. The father was seeking more time with his children, a modification of support and a request that support arrears should not be ordered. The judge ruled in our clients favor on all three issues.


What a nice Christmas present for a father and his children who received a favorable court ruling in Family Law Court in Vista, Calif represented by The Edmunds Law Firm.

The case was a difficult custody case because the father had been denied contact with his children. Attorney Kim Soule appeared for the Firm and argued “best interests of the children” and the tremendous progress the father had made with rehabilitation.

The court ordered supervised visitation in the grandparents home. Dad was thrilled that he would be able to see his children on Christmas.

Custody battles are hard on all parties. Often the road to success comes in small steps. Attorney Alan Edmunds has been helping people with difficult custody issues for over 39 yrs. He is also a former Judge Pro Tem. He is known as both Mediator and Lawyer. He is “One of the Best San Diego Divorce Lawyers.”  Call the office at 760 634 7630 or visit sandiegodivorcecenter.com

October 25, 2016

The Edmunds Law Firm a leading provider of legal representation in Divorce and Custody matters in San Diego received a favorable decision in a recent contested Divorce support modification case. Kimberly Soule appeared on behalf of the Firm. She presented evidence and made oral argument for a client who had been married 19 Years. The parties had been divorced for 13 years. Our client was retired and paying $1500 per month. The court Ordered support to be reduced to $500 per month. A huge victory for our client. Attorney Alan Edmunds has been representing clients in divorce and custody matters for over 35 years. He is often referred to as” The Best Divorce Lawyer in San Diego”, by his clients. He is a former Judge Pro Tem.

The Edmunds Law Firm helps both Active Duty Military and civilian clients with divorce. Attorney Edmunds has represented professional athletes and prominent business executives throughout San Diego. The attorney’s in The Edmunds Law Firm are all trained courtroom litigators. WE pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.  Military Divorce is given special attention in the Firm due to the demands of Active Duty clients deployed around the globe.

If you have divorce or custody questions and want answers – call The Edmunds Law Firm at 760.634.7630.

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OCTOBER 11, 2016

The Edmunds Law Firm won an important court decision on a Contempt and Child support arrearage case heard in the Vista Family Courts. Appearing for the Firm was attorney Kim Soule. The case involved 36 counts of contempt and $17,000. in alleged support arrears.

After hearing evidence and oral arguments the judge denied both the arrears and denied each of the contempt allegations. Our client walked away with a support Order of $0. Our client also did not go to jail on the contempt charges nor pay any costs for the contempt.

The Edmunds Law Firm often referred to as “The Best Divorce Lawyers” in San Diego, has been helping people in Family Law matters and DCSS cases for over 40 years. Attorney Alan Edmunds is a former Judge Pro Tem and handles complex litigation. Visit our web sites to learn about the Firm. Call Atty Soule at 760.634.7630.

The Firm is known for aggressive litigation skills. Attorney Edmunds is frequently quoted as saying,”Experience Makes the Difference.” The Firm has offices in San Diego, Encinitas Calif, Raleigh, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. The Firm accepts both Active Duty military and civilian clients. Call 800.481.2526

San Diego, CA
June 20, 2016
Custody, Visitation & Spousal/Child Support Issues

The Edmunds Law Firm, a leading provider of Divorce and Family Law representation received a favorable result on a contested divorce case. The case was concluded by Attorney Scott L. Neinas for the Firm. The issues involved spousal support, child custody and visitation by a physically aggressive father. The Firm represented the mother of two children.

The case was successfully litigated by Attorney Neinas on a number of important issues. After a previous hearing involving a deficient FCS report, the court ordered that a new FCS report be obtained. This report, along with the aggressive arguments by Attorney Neinas resulted in the court ruling in favor of the mother to retain custody of the two children, prevented the father from overnight visitation, and ordered the father to pay child support, spousal support, and attorney’s fees. The court denied all of the father’s requests.

FEB, 23,2016

The Edmunds Law Firm, known as one of San Diego’s Best Family Law Firms, received a favorable decision from the court in a family law matter set in downtown San Diego Superior Court . The case involved a party who tried to avoid a stipulation to Mediate all issues in the case.

The Mediation had commenced and suddenly one of the parties who apparently did not like the early court rulings tried to exit the Mediation process. The Edmunds Law Firm opposed the motion to leave Mediation and the court ruled in favor of the Edmunds Law firm client. The ruling will save both time and money and allows the case to be resolved through the Mediation process.

Attorney Alan Edmunds has over 40 years of Family Law experience and is considered, One of the Best Divorce Lawyers in San Diego. He is a former Judge Pro Tem and has an active practice that helps clients with divorce matters and custody matters in California.

The Firm is very aggressive in the courtroom but seeks to resolve cases away from formal courtroom proceedings. Call 760.634.7630 if you would like to discuss your case. Remember, “experience makes the difference”.

DEC 28, 2015

The Edmunds Law Firm received a huge victory following a contested divorce trial held in the South Bay court in San Diego. Attorney Greg Garrison appeared for the Firm. The trial lasted most of one day and included introduction of evidence, testimony and argument. Attorney Garrison had spent considerable time with our client in trial preparation the week prior.

What makes this case so compelling is that Attorney Garrision was successful in overturning a court ordered mediation report in favor for the opposing party on many key issues. After hearing argument and testimony the judge ruled that the mediators report should be overturned in favor of our client.

WE represented a mother who had primary custody but was dealing with an opposing party who continually ignored court orders and denied visitation orders. At the end of the trial the opposing party lost time with the child and was ordered to comply with court orders.

The Edmunds Law Firm is considered one of The Best Divorce Law Firms in San Diego. Attorney Alan Edmunds has been a  lawyer for over 39 years and is a former Judge Pro Tem appointed by the San Diego Superior Court Family Law Division.

Call 760.634.7630 if you have questions about divorce or custody matters.

DEC. 7, 2015

The Edmunds Law Firm, a lading provider of Divorce and Family Law representation received a favorable result on a contested divorce case that had been in the courts for two years. The case was concluded by Attorney Shirin Shokrollahi for the Firm.

The issues involved spousal support, military retirement and property issues. The Firm represented an active duty military member in the U.S. Navy . Issues that were settled included child support, spousal support and division of military retirement.

The case was litigated for over two years. Attorney Alan Edmunds encourages parties to consider Mediation. In this case a settlement judge was utilized. Attorney Alan Edmunds  is a former Judge Pro Tem and has been practicing family law for over 40 years. He is often referred to as “One of the best divorce lawyers in San Diego.”.

If you have questions about divorce or custody call us at 800 481 2526 You may also visit us at alanedmunds.com for more information.  Remember –  In every case, ” experience makes the difference.”

NOV. 10, 2015

On a very contested custody case which has been litigated for over 18 mos, Julia Szafraniec for The Edmunds Law Firm won a favorable decision to stop further discovery and a request for $10,000 in atty fees following a contested court hearing. This is important because custody litigation is often very expensive and often continues for years. Attorney Szafraniec who has won numerous complex custody cases appeared for the Firm and performed her magic once again.

Litigants should not be subject to continuous fee awards in post judgment divorce hearing simply because they are successful in their career. Many cases resolve once the money stops flowing to attorneys.

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