Violence directed toward children has been headlines with the Brad Pitt divorce action. But, one of SAN DIEGO’S BEST DIVORCE LAWYERS, attorney Alan Edmunds of the Edmunds Law Firm states this is a big problem in San Diego because of the large military population.

Attorney Edmunds is the leading Military Divorce Lawyer in San Diego. With over 35 years of experience he has been helping military couples reach peaceful solutions in divorce situations.

Often the “violence card” is played by one spouse to obtain an advantage in a custody dispute. The courts then look to the evidence to make Orders . The results can be unfair and harsh. Attorney Edmunds uses experts at the beginning of custody cases that have allegations of violence as a means to rebut the accusations. He has been very successful in large part due to the tremendous preparation The Edmunds Law Firm puts into every custody case. Often using the Family Law Facilitator at the courthouse is not the best option.
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